The Power of Podcasting

At Sound Africa we believe in the transformative power of storytelling. We also believe in sharing our craft to enable others to tell their own stories or the stories of their organizations. We facilitate customized podcasting workshops for individuals and organizations. Get in touch on and we will find a model that works for you.

Workshop examples

One-day introductory workshop: Includes basic theory and some practice. For example equipment, recording technique, audio narratives and sound design, basic editing. This option will give you a basic intro to all aspects of podcast production, but you will not go through the entire process yourself (some things will be purely theoretical).

Two-day workshop: Includes basic theory and practice. Differs from the above primarily because all participants go through all steps of creating a short podcast/audio documentary.  After this workshop all participants will be able to make and publish their own podcasts.

Project coaching: Sound Africa aids you or your organization through all steps of your project. Depending on your ambition/skill-set Sound Africa can manage the entire project and coach your team or assist you only in limited areas.

Individual coaching: If only one or two people wants to learn, we can do individual mentorship at an hourly rate catered to the experience level of the participant(s).


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