SOUND AFRICA is a new space for creative non-fiction from the African continent.

We are pleased to present Sound Africa Podcast – a series of documentaries illuminating life through the power of radio. Check out Season 1:

Sound Africa Podcast

Episode 6: Hilton Schilder’s Catheter Symphony

Hilton Schilder’s Catheter Symphony is a jazzy journey through the mother city and the hypercreative mind of pianist and composer Hilton Schilder. We get a musician’s-eye view of what it was like growing up in the Cape Flats under apartheid, and an intimate glimpse into Schilder’s current struggle with cancer. Hospital bed compositions and irreverent humour help this colourful and quintessentially Capetonian artist get through the hard times.”

Episode 5: The Wait is Almost Over Part 2

In this episode, Yolande recalls the details of her and Pierre’s captivity, relations with her captors, and the ever-present threat of done strikes. We also take an in-depth look at the efforts of the civilian negotiators to bring Pierre home, and how these efforts ran into conflict with government policies.

Episode 4: The Wait is Almost Over Part 1

In May 2013, Pierre and Yolande Korkie were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda. In the chaos of post-revolutionary Yemen, it was left up to an innovative local aid worker and his South African boss to secure the couple’s release. This is the story of their painstaking efforts to track down the Korkies and the delicate negotiations that ensued.

Episode 3: The Devil In Joburg

A reporter investigates the high number of reported occult crimes in South Africa. Among others he meets an archbishop, a passionate academic and a man they call Gods Detective.

Episode 2: The Boy Who Didn’t Die

Mdalaga Mrisho  shares his incredible story of fleeing war in Burundi, escaping an army and traveling through the deep Congo forest and half the continent alone as a child. This is both an extraordinary tale and a much too common story today, where an estimated 6000 children from Burundi are alone on the run.

Episode 1: African Space

The Afronaut: An introduction to a largely forgotten space program in Zambia in the 1960s. Did the leader of this wildly ambitious project, Edward Nkoloso, have a plan or was he just the delusional eccentric he was later made out to be?

The Telescope: A small town in the Karoo Desert of Northern South Africa has finally found its place in the world with the establishment of one of the biggest international science projects of our time. As the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) begins to take shape, we look at the telescope network that will likely transform the way we understand the universe and our place in it.

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SOUND AFRICA is space for narratives that capture the dizzying complexity of the world’s second most populous continent.

It would be pretty hard to argue that Africa is fairly represented in the Western media. Coverage of the continent is often one-dimensional and fails to scratch beneath the surface, and critical African voices are often ignored. Part of the problem is a lack of home-grown African media that is able to undermine weary old clichés and deliver fresh angles and analysis. We want to help fill the gap by telling the types of stories that rarely make it onto the network news, from quirky and obscure to hard-hitting and thought-provoking.

We’re not talking about glossy postcard portrayals of the continent. We’re talking about stories that capture the intricacies and multiple sides of life and society – the good and the bad, warts and all! We aim to amplify African voices through the power of digital audio and the internet.

Most importantly, we want to connect with storytellers from different parts of the world, African and non-African, who share a deep interest in the continent and its diaspora. We hope our dream is not too quixotic. But why should it be? There is no lack of highly talented journalists and storytellers who are able to tell the sorts of stories we are looking for. So, if you are one of them, then get in touch. Send us an email:

Join us for Events in the Real World

African Space: The Live Documentary
June 8th 19h30 @ The Science Center, CPT/ Obs.


What do you think is out there? At the beginning of the universe? At the beginning of time?

These are bold questions being asked in a new documentary format called African Space – The Live Documentary. The basis of the live performance is Rasmus Nielsen Bitsch‘s audio recordings and original interviews with internationally renowned astronomers and townspeople of the Karoo. What they all share is the proximity to the construction of the biggest science project in the world: A giant radio telescope called The Square Kilometer Array.

The recordings will be mixed with live music by Simon Kohler and original poetry by Maria Dorothea Schrattenholz in a single stage performance with Shiba Melissa Mazaza. By mixing journalism, poetry and music we attempt to create a new and unique live experience of documentary storytelling.

The event is a collaboration between Sound Africa and Encounters South African International Documentary Festival

19.00 for 19.30, 8th of June 2016 at Cape Town Science Centre

Log in to Webtickets to secure your ticket here:

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